Dragging Issues


Please let me know why Axure drags if I am using dynamic panels. I have to wait 20 seconds each time when I click anything. The loading time for the preview is also is horrible.

This is making me miss deadlines.

Does this has anything to do with the machines specs?

I am currently using a 13 Inch Mac Book Pro with 8 Gig RAM. The prototype I am doing is pretty heavy.


Hi norman,

Hmm, generally if a prototype is very widget-heavy, then this can cause performance issues both on the Axure RP canvas and in the browser (particularly if the page you have open is very widget-heavy). Reducing the number of widgets on the page should help to improve the speed.

Do you happen to have a lot of large images in the file? If so, you can try optimizing them by right-clicking them and choosing “Optimize Image” to improve the performance a bit, but keep in mind that optimizing them will remove transparency if they had any. Large tables, large repeaters, and large dynamic panels (or panels with many states) can also contribute to slowness since they add many more objects to the page.

If there are any areas where you’re using multiple widgets in place of one, then you can try consolidating those into a single widgets to reduce the overall widget count (e.g. a box with a border, a borderless box with a fill, and a label or paragraph widget for text > a single bordered box with a fill and text directly on it). Similarly, if there are any duplicate widgets on the page that are hidden and not needed, then you can remove those to lighten up the page.

If the file has adaptive views (or at one point, had them), then another area to check would be the Outline pane to see if there are any widgets that are unplaced in all views that were meant to be deleted (these will show with red names if you switch the Outline filter to show unplaced widgets). If a widget is unplaced in all adaptive views, then it won’t show in the prototype, but still exists and adds “weight” to it.

If you’re not already on the latest build of Axure RP, then I would recommend updating to ensure you have the latest public release and performance updates:


Hopefully that helps! If you would like for us to take a look at the file and prefer not to post it here, then feel free to email it to us at support@axure.com so that we can take a look. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi There,

I have made my prototype much simpler.

Believe it or not but I can build the ‘whole’ prototype in one dynamic panel.

But I see that causes loading and dragging issues. I have split every page on its own page now. I have better performance now.