Dragging, long press and mouse down do not work with touch devices (for Chrome and Edge)

Hello all,

My problem is that I have to decide between leaving out the sound of my prototype and performing fundamentel interactions.

For my protoype I wanted to implement:

  1. Sound for any button press
  2. Long press on one button for 5 s
  • during the long press an animation shall be shown
  • if the button is released earlier than 5 s an old image shall be shown
  • if the button is actuated for 5 s a new image shall be shown
  1. Dragging
    ==> All the interactions shall be performed on a touch display.

So now my problem is, with Internet Explorer 2. is functioning well, 3. is possible if I disable the context menu of the Internet explorer. However, it is not possible for me to get any sound out of it.

With Edge/Chrome

  • Sound (1) is working, but I cannot perform 2. or 3. with a Touch display.
  • For 3. I can change the interaction to Click/Tap or Mouse up, this does not reflect the real interaction but I could live with that
  • 2.: Nothing happens for the long press, except that when released a context menu opens.
  • Additionally, I cannot find any alternative how to “fake” 2… I thougt of Mouse down, a counter and mouse up: If Mouse is down the animatio is shown and a counter increases (+1) every second, if counter = 3 than show new image, if counter <3 and mouse up occured -> show old image. However, via Touch only Mouse up seems to be working (also if the event is “mouse down”, the action will always start if the button is released).
  • Using the mouse, all these interactions are working well. Unfortunately, it is essential for my user testing that the user can interact with the prototype via touch.

Does anyone have a brilliant idea :grinning::heart_eyes: for the Internet explorer to make some sound or how to implement a Long Press / Long Press too early released function in Edge or Chrome??

I am desperatly and gratefully waiting for all of your good ideas :smile:

Does anyone have any idea?