Drop down list option not visible in accordion


I have created accordion in Axure RP. In first accordion, it has dropdown list. When i click on dropdown list, the options are hidden behind next accordion named " Sample 02". Attached image.

Could you someone give some solution.
Thank you in advance.

Are you bringing it to front on show?

Yes, I don’t want to increase accordion height bcos it show more white space. To avoid white space, I reduced accordion height but Dropdown list are not visible. When I click on drop down it should display all option.

Is it possible to show over the next accordion?

Is it in a Dynamic Panel and if so is the Fit To Content box checked?

Yes it’s dynamic panel and accordion is opened.

It’ll be easier to trouble shoot if we have the RP file or a version that has just the accordion in it.

Here is RP fileAccordion_test.rp (104.1 KB)

Make sure this little dude is checked

Fantastic. Working fine now. Thank you very much.