Dropdown List Style Safari

Hi, I am new to Axure, just added a dropdown list and ran it in Safari. I want it to look like the design on the left, however it has imported its own styling. How can I remove it so appears like my design? Thanks

Hi @taz1! Unfortunately, there is no way to significantly change the droplist’s appearance. As a workaround, you can try creating a droplist from scratch using other widgets and adding some interactions. I’ve attached a simple .rp file just to illustrate this idea. I hope this helps!DropLists.rp (57.0 KB)

I don’t recommend completely rolling your own; then you lose all the nice built-in behaviors of droplists, especially on mobile. The way I do it is to set a droplist to 0% opacity and group it with a rectangle and a down-caret of whatever style you choose. Then, use the droplist’s “selection changed” interaction to set the text on the rectangle to whatever option the user selected.

Live example | RP file (46 KB)

Hope this helps!