Dropdown list with categories and clear selection


I am trying to build a dropdown with categories:
• In each category, user can choose only one item.
• Once any item is selected, it replaces the hint word ‘Prompt’ + ‘Clear selection’ option appears on the top line of the dropdown

I have several defects that I am not sure how to fix:
• The ‘Clear selection’ appears when I click to expand a category, not when I have an item selected.
Clicking on ‘Clear selection’ makes it appear in the output text field.
• When I expand a selection, the number of selections becomes reduced for some reason.
• The dropdown allows making multiple item selections and keeps them intact.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Would appreciate your advice on this issue!
accordion -tree_dropdown.rp (393.9 KB)

Thank you in advance,

  • Natalie