Duplicate Widget Libraries

I’m a little confused. I created a widget library, but the next time I went to open it and make edits, publishing it created a duplicate. Another colleague has experienced the same issue, multiple times.
I can’t seem to find Jenny Test (1) in Axure cloud either, so I don’t know how to delete it. Any tips for how to avoid cluttering my widgets menu with all these (1) versions?


Hi! Hmm, to confirm do you have copies of the “Jenny Test Library” both on the cloud and locally on your computer? If you want to remove the one that is not hosted on the cloud (with the (1)), then please try selecting that library, opening the Libraries pane’s “…” menu, and choosing “Remove Library”. If that library is not stored in your default “Libraries” folder, then removing it should remove it for good (if it is in the “Libraries” folder then it’ll reload when you restart Axure RP).

If you don’t have the library stored locally, then please try restarting Axure RP to see if that clears it up; we’ve seen here and there that bulk-loading multiple widget libraries that were created in Axure RP 8 will cause Axure RP 9 to show duplicates of the names, but those go away with a restart of the app. If that sounds like what you’re running into then please let us know so that we can add this thread to the bug we have on file. Thank you!

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