Duplicating Branches won't keep internal links consistency

Hi there,

“Duplicate Branch” is a neat feature that allows me to duplicate full sets of journeys, for example when needing to deliver journeys for mobile native I could duplicate the full responsive journeys and then edit them as/if needed.
It used to keep internal links consistency on RP8, but unfortunately they now break on RP9 - let’s assume:

  • I have a set of Authentication journeys for Web, which is a folder with a few pages that have internal links: Sign In page will link to Reset page, etc…
  • I need to deliver journeys for Mobile Native, similar to existing web responsive, but still different enough to warrant their own folder with specific journeys
  • rather than adding numerous exceptions cluttering my existing responsive web folder, or creating a brand new one for native, I would do “Duplicate Branch” on my existing folder and then edit the new branch as needed

Doing so on RP8 used to keep internal consistency among links - the native Sign In page would link to the native Reset Page. Unfortunately, on RP9 this is not what happens, and all existing links in my new native folder will link to my previous web responsive folder - which breaks internal consistency.
I personally think this is a bug, when duplicating a branch it makes sense to duplicate also the relationships and not create new ones to the previous folder.

I seriously love Axure but I find this almost a deal breaker when I’m dealing with large projects on multiple platforms. It’s just a waste of my time to have to edit every single link in a set of pages - which I did not need to do on Axure RP8.

Are you investigating this or is there any way around - ie, can I somehow set my preference to keep internal link consistency when duplicating a branch?

Thanks and sorry for the long post!


If it is true, then I agree with you that it should be a bug. But somehow it still works normally on my side, i duplicate the branch, and the page links work correctly inside of the new silo

If it persists on your side, maybe you need to provide the RP file & RP version for the community to figure out

Hi @steven.wang -
I’ve just checked on a new file - not converted from RP8 - and it is indeed working as excpected, thanks for checking this!
I will check later on a RP8 imported project and let you know this issue comes back up,



This is indeed a bug!
When any link/button is placed inside a dynamic panel and you duplicate the entire folder branch, then Axure does not keep internal links consistency inside the DP. Buttons placed inside the DP breaks the internal link and will link to the previous folder. While the buttons placed directly on the page works well in the new duplicated branch.

I have reported this issue to Axure support :+1: