Dynamic Form with dynamic options, where user can themself prepare survey based questions

I want to create a custom survey kind form in which,

1st selection of the options as

  1. Text box
  2. Text Descriptions
  3. Dropdown
  4. Radio Button
  5. Checkbox

and based on the selection of the above option it will display as like If I have selected a text box 3 times then it will display enter a heading of each text box same for all as well as for dropdown enter multiple menus and it will be added in the dropdown menu for the selection likewise all options needed.

And once these forms submitted it will be displayed on another screen for other people to fill out the complete form.

hope we can achieve this kind of functionality in the axure RP 8.

looking for help within 12 to 16 hrs. only as I have seen that many experts are available, who are solving this kind of functionality issue please looking into this & provide some guidelines & solutions with .rp file

as well as apart from this if we archive this kind of functionality then please try to make available default so each user can utilize same

Sorry for the shortage of time & thanks in advance if anyone can help us out.