Dynamic Height for background

Hi all,

I’m new to Axure, and I am struggling to finish my prototype with this one issue.

I have a form field, with 2 dynamic fields (Email address & Enter Address) which can change the height of the content depending on options selected. The form is grouped and has a grey box as a background , and I am trying to figure out how to resize this background’s height to grow or shrink depending on the options selected.

My recommendation is to select everything in the form, right-click and choose Create Dynamic Panel. Then, with this dynamic panel selected, verify the default style of Fit to Content is checked. Set the Fill color (of this dynamic panel) to match your gray box widget. As the dimensions of the content change, so will the dynamic panel, and the entire area of the dynamic panel will be filled with your color.

If you like, you can then delete or hide the gray box in the dynamic panel. Keeping it can help with centering content, though.

Note that if you create multiple states for this dynamic panel, you’ll want to set the fill (and border, etc.) for each state.