Dynamic panel 100% wide doesn't go 100% wide

Hello, I have a dynamic panel that I set to by wide. It’s on adaptive views. It doesn’t go wide at all, it stays at the size it has for each of the adaptive views. Any ideas?


Hmm, I’ve tested 100% wide dynamic panels on my end in both Axure RP 8 and 9 and they seem to be 100% wide both on a non-adaptive canvas and across adaptive views. If you give the dynamic panel a fill color, do you see that fill color go 100% wide? If so then it sounds like the panel itself is matching the browser width, but it’s the widgets within the panel that you want to have adjust to the browser width–is that right? If so, then setting those widget widths to [[Window.width]] via the Set Size action should make them 100% wide.

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Thank you so much, you just solved my problem. I had a rectangle that occupied the whole panel and the fill colour was on the rectangle, not on the panel. Silly me. :blush: Changed it to be the background colour on the panel and now it’s perfect.

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