Dynamic Panel: Pushing widgets inside panel 1 and as panel 1 resizes, it pushes panel 2 below?

What I’m trying to accomplish - I have a section (panel 1 “Advanced Filters”) for which I’m currently using a dynamic panel. The user is creating rules and each rule can have multiple conditions. The panel only has one state and all widgets are pushing and pulling within that single state.

The panel is set to “Fit to Content”, and based on user clicks, various widgets show/hide based on selections and are also set to push/pull other widgets inside the panel.

For example, if user clicks “Add a Condition” it adds a new row with a new condition below the first. If user clicks “Add Another Rule” it adds another row for Rule 2.

I’d like to be able to push panel 2 below it when panel 1 resizes. I can’t seem to get it to work. Any suggestions welcome.![47%20PM|690x303]


AdvancedFilters.rp (175.8 KB)

Hi! This looks like a job for what we like to call the “push/pull sandwich”. Since content contained within dynamic panels can’t push/pull content outside of it, in order to get the parent panel (panel 1) to push or pull other content on the page (e.g. panel 2) when it resizes around its content, you will want to add on to your cases that change the size of panel 1 such that they include a “Hide panel 1 with pull” action at the start and a “Show panel 1 with push” action at the end of the case; essentially by sandwiching your interactions that add the rows between the “Hide with pull” and “Show with push” actions, you force panel 1 to push or pull other content on the page. Here’s an example of what that would look like for your “Link Button: Add Another Rule” to allow panel 1 to push panel 2 down when you add the first new rule.


Hopefully that helps!


That worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

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