Dynamic panels not inheriting properly in adaptive views


I’m trying to design an application with for mobile, tablet & desktop size. On some pages, for some reason, when I make changes to the child (I’ve done mobile first - all other views inherit from this) on a dynamic panel, the changes are also affecting the parent (e.g. resizing of elements, moving of elements on panel state change). Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


I think Axure would call this a feature, not a bug. Hard to say for sure without an example .rp file from you, but there are some kind of tricky rules for this, so chances are you’re doing something wrong without realizing it.

Start by reviewing the INHERITANCE OF EDITS section of the Adaptive Views reference guide here:

Also, make sure you’ve set up the parent-child relationships properly with the children properly “indented” from parents, and (in your case, with base small and children larger) each child has “Condition: Is greater than or equals” and “Inherit from” is the proper parent. (see ADDING AND MANAGING VIEWS on the above link.)

Hi @mbc66, thanks for getting back to me. I hadn’t realised that that was the intended functionality!