Dynamic Panels Not Pinning in Mobile When Exported to HTML


I have a dynamic panel that is supposed to stay pinned to the bottom of the screen. It works fine on desktop, but on mobile it slides up on scroll.

Weirdly, it works fine on mobile page home-v1, but does not work on mobile Page 2.
Works: http://ux.fcbhealthcare.com/Misc2020/Brand/home-v1.html (look on mobile)
Doesn’t work: http://ux.fcbhealthcare.com/Misc2020/Brand/page_2.html (look on mobile)

Also- Everything is fine when I preview it. This issue only occurs when I export it to HTML and look at it live.

Here is my file:
BrandWires.rp (2.4 MB)

Really stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.