Dynamic panels on a mobile app working incorrectly

For a mobile app I have a dynamic panel and all the different screens linked through hotspots (no interactions) as in the image provided.

Even though I have designated hotspots, the whole screen (of each and every one or panel state) stays active and when I click on something other than a hotspot it takes me to the final screen in the sequence.

Something else I have noticed is that the hotspot behavior is “bleeding” through. For instance, if I am on screen 2 and hit an area that’s defined as a hotspot on screen 1, it takes on that behavior/action.

What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

You should use pages for each screens, and dynamic panels in different states within the pages. Check some of my tutorials on mobile app

Hi James and thanks. I figured it out and everything is working. My goal was to simulate app behavior and make it more realistic by not using different pages that would interrupt the experience as the user would have to wait for each page to load. Dynamic panels allowed me to achieve this. I had fun learning.

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