Dynamic panels share vertical scroll position

Hi, Im working on a project for mobile an I have a dynamic panel set up with 3 states. The problem is that when I scroll up or down in any one of the states of the dynamic panel the other 2 where also scrolled to the same position instead of keeping each an individual scroll position. How can I solve this?


Put a tiny hotpot in each state of the panel, called ScrollToMe1, ScrollToMe2, etc.

Then, add the following OnScroll and OnPanelStateChange interactions to the DP

  If state of panel (This) is State1
    Move hotspot ScrollToMe1 to 0, [[This.scrollY]]
  Else If state of panel (This) is State2
    Move hotspot ScrollToMe2 to 0, [[This.scrollY]]    

Be sure to use Move to instead of Move by above.

  If state of panel (This) is State1
    Scroll to (hotspot) ScrollToMe1 
  Else If state of panel (This) is State2
    Scroll to (hotspot) ScrollToMe2

Sample file: maintain-scroll-in-each-state.rp (61.1 KB)

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