Easy way to copy panel states


I’m trying to synchronize two DPs, so when Panel A is set to the BLUE state, Panel B will also set to BLUE. I’ve tried assigning the first panel state name to a variable, then throwing that variable in the “Name or State #: [[Color1]]” field, but that doesn’t do anything. I also don’t see a way to capture LVAR.panel state as a variable. But I swear I have done this before without going “If panel a is set to BLUE, then set panel B to blue”. I know it looks like the easy solution is to set Panel A and Panel B states with the same initiating action, but for nested case reasons, I can’t do that. Any thoughts on an elegant solution?


Thanks, but that is what “Color1” is - a global variable. It accurately takes up the name of the state in panel A, but how do I use that variable to set the state in panel B?


Nevermind. I missed the rp file in your reply. Clever. Weird how the LVAR variable works, but the global variable doesn’t. Thanks for the help!


OMG, I’m so stupid. The fact that yours worked and mine didn’t made absolutely no sense, so I went on the hunt for user error and found it. I was showing the wrong f&*%^ng panel - the state change had been working perfectly the whole time!!