Edge Scroll is activated while guides are being dragged

Guides cannot be dragged to delete anymore. Clicking and dragging on a guide and dragging offscreen to the left or top scrolls the Axure Pane. Since the Axure pane can now exceed (0,0) - it’s impossible to remove a guide by dragging.

Which operating system do you use?
Remove by dragging still works in the Windows version.

Oh, sorry, didn’t see you were a Mac user.

Hi cheics,

You should still be able to delete drag a guide in the 9 beta, even with the negative regions (though the faster you drag, the less negative region you’ll see). If you don’t see this working, is there a chance your rulers are turned off? You can turn them on again by right-clicking on the canvas and selecting “Rulers, Grid, and Guides > Show Rulers”.

Let me know if you see something else, though!

While drag guides CAN be deleted by dragging, in order to delete them a “fast drag” is required.

This is not a great user interface convention (and technically a violation of WCAG A, pointer gestures) since it requires a rapid movement of the cursor to accomplish the operation, rather than a gradual movement.

My proposal to address this is to disable edge scrolling on the top & left edges WHILE the user is currently dragging a guide AND ONLY when dragging a guide. This still allows the user to move objects and scroll the canvas while still allowing users to easily erase guides without needing to make a rapid gesture.

(Technically you can right-click on guides to remove them, but the drag to remove is much nicer)

There is another method for removing them as well: I personally select the guide (drag-select) and then hit [DELETE] to get rid of guides.