Edit and set a new name of the page

Hello there,
I’ve been designing an app and I have a problem. There’s a page that an user can create and he/she can edit the page’s name. So in the process, before editing the name I put the “lorem ipsum” heading. Then there’s a “edit” button, where user is linked to the edit page, where the name can be changed. All fine, I can use this tutorial:

BUT… What can I do to make the previous name disappear or what to do so the page isn’t blank before editing.

I figured that (following the turorial) on Page 2 I’ll make the variable boxes visible and bring them on top, but I cannot find it or make it work. I also thougt of making a condition, that the new names will apear and be brought on top only after someone edited them first, but I cannot manage to find it either. Any ideas?

Seems odd to jump to a different page just to name the current page. Do you have some requirement or constraint this can’t be done in place? For example, your default screen name can be shown in State1 of a dynamic panel (dp) --in a rectangle widget, and upon clicking “Edit” it would show State2 with a Text Field widget, setting the text value of the Text Field to match the name in State1. Then, upon entry of the new name, set the text in State1 to match the Text field and change state back to State1.

What doesn’t work specifically? It might be best if you can upload a sample .rp file so others here can inspect it, understand the context, and offer solutions. In general, if you have a global variable with the current page name, you can use that value in the Page Loaded event to assign the text value of your Text Field, and create some conditional cases based on the global variable value, other variables, etc.

What can’t you find? Your widgets? How to make a conditional case? Something else?