Embedding an owned font – not part of GoogleFonts, et al

I own a couple of Linotype fonts that I want to use (no equivalents in GoogleFonts or other hosted libraries).

How do embed these font families into my prototype so that others who don’t have these fonts loaded into their desktop / pads / phones will see things rendered properly?

Hi Figment,

To have the Linotype web font appear across machines that do not have this font installed, you will need to host the font files somewhere online to link to in your project. The easiest way forward is if you had a handy .css file to link to point to the hosted location of the web font. Otherwise, you will want to use the @font-face method to embed your font. Before hosting the font files online, however, you may want to check the copyright restrictions for the specific font.

And here are some links that may help with this:


(Please note that the Thinking Studio link from the forum post is not affiliated with Axure in any way, so we wouldn’t be able to provide support if you were to run into issues with their embedding tool.)

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