End of support dates for Axure RP8 and RP9


We are currently using Axure RP8 and are satisfied with the application generally. Is RP 8 supported currently? If so, what is the end of support date?
If we upgrade to RP9, I wonder how long it will be supported.
I could not find end-of-support dates for the products on the site.


Hi @Konak,

We ended support for Axure RP 8 in April 2022, you can continue to use this edition but changes to operating systems, browsers, or other software that break or create issues in Axure RP 8 will not be addressed.

We recommend upgrading to an Axure RP 10 subscription to take advantage of the enhancements in RP 9 and 10 and get access to the latest updates. You can keep RP 8 installed and use RP 8 and RP 10 side-by-side as you transition to RP 10.


Thanks @Adil_Axure.
What about RP9, how long will it be supported? Is an end of support date set for RP9?


We will continue to support Axure RP 9 until further notice.


Hi Konak,
I would recommend jumping to RP 10 directly as this version has better and more options to create fantastic functional wires.

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