Entire application is slow (lag)

After last two updates entire Axure RP 9 became slow. Rest every other applications runs good.
Starting from Axure RP 9 application menu click and hover to working with library items, panning the page etc., everything lags. It is very frustrating and it is forcing me to move to Axure 8.
This is not good at all. What is the solution for this.

Laptop configuration.
Windows 10
16GB Ram
Core i7 2.9GHz

@sharat, This forum is intended to be for fellow Axure users to help each other, not for customer support. For issues like yours, I highly recommend sending an email to support@axure.com with your details. They respond quickly and have been very effective for me.

That said, perhaps other users have seen similar issues and might be able to offer something for you to try. I’ve been updating RP9 as new releases come out and have not seen speed issues on my similarly spec’d system.

@mbc66 Thank you. Yeah I pretty much know this is not customer support. I posted here expecting someone might have a solution and help me out. Not a recommendation.
I saw many queries raised on this (starting beta build) from last year till July 2020. Many responded and unfortunately they are Mac users.