Error-message for entering wrong email format/syntax

Hey people,

this is my first post plz be easy on me :wink:

I’m working on a prototype, specific on an email login.
I want an error message to appear when the user enters the wrong email format.

The “right” format/syntax should be:


text1: username or some other wording
text:2: host
text: com, de or somthing else

The error message should appear on “OnLostFocus” and of course, the conditions for the error message are true.

How is the case-logic I must use for this to work ?
I guess, I need variables for this ?


I know I could use the textfield type “email”. But is it possible to edit the style?
On default the field has a red border as long as the wrong format is entered.

friendly greetings


Welcome to the forum! You described your issue well, and this kind of thing–validating user input and text fields–has been a commonly asked question over the years. I searched the forum for “+email error field” and found this thread with a good solution:


thx mb66 for the help, I got it to work.