Error Validation - Form

I am trying to create an error validation on a second page when a user types in a loan amount that exceeds their threshold.

I want the user to hypothetically be able to submit a loan amount request for $2,000,000 but lets say their threshold is only $1,000,000…on the second page I want the error validation to say you have exceeded your loan amount threshold - your maximum allowable threshold is $1,000,000 so please adjust your numbers and resubmit accordingly, but I want the variable to not allow the user to make the submission on the second page until the adjustments have been corrected.

Is this possible and how would I do this. Any help would be much appreciated.

This would work in the same way as passing your calendar data. Use a global variable to store the value of a user’s threshold limit (and another global variable to store their requested amount, if needed) and set these values on Page 1. Then, on Page 2, in the Page Loaded event (or Loaded event of an individual widget) use conditional cases to test the values of the global variable(s) and handle the cases accordingly–showing an error message or not, etc.

I recommend taking the time to follow through this tutorial to learn the basics of using global variables between pages: