Error While Uploading - prototype already exists


Error While Uploading
A prototype with this name already exists in this folder

^ This error message appears when I try to publish an axure that I imported some pages to. However, the error message doesn’t give any tips on how to resolve it my only option is to close the error dialog. I searched for the error verbatim but don’t see any solutions.

Anyone else know how to fix this?


The solution is to give your prototype a different name. I encounter this issue fairly often myself, generally when creating a Team Project file out of something that has already been published on Axure Cloud from a non-Team file,

I’ll have a wireframe with a common title like I do here:

To fix it I sometimes just add a date to the end, or a version number. Most often I just throw a “-” or “_” or even “(2)” and no one has ever noticed.


This is a known issue that we’ve discovered and filed as a bug recently. In the past, if there’s already a prototype with the same name, then this prototype will have a “(1)” automatically appended to the project name.

This issue should be fixed with the next Axure Cloud deployment.

As bamorris mentioned, you’ll have to adjust the name of the prototype to something unique as it already exists.

Beyond this fix, I do want to add on the feature request, though I imagine this is an entirely distinct thing. I would love it if the values I typed into the Share modal would be saved. This error (or any error arising from the Share modal) would be 1000x less annoying if I didn’t have to fill out everything again.

The modal loses:

  • the Workspace assigned to it, which is often the slowest part of filling out the Share modal.
    • I’m guessing because it requires Axure Cloud to spit out the list of Workspaces
    • Have you considered the stale-while-revalidate pattern here? In short, it’s about returning a cached set of values until the server returns with new values.
  • the password entered
  • the mode of the submit button (New, Replace, Update)

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