Error while Uploading You do not have permission to access this prototype

I have an RP file that my manager created and passed on to me. I can open and work on the file when logged in as myself, but I cannot publish to Axure cloud; I get “Error while Uploading You do not have permission to access this prototype.”
The only way for me to publish this file is to log out of my account and log in as my manager.
CERTAINLY there must be a way to transfer the “ownership” or “permissions” of a file, but I have not discovered it, yet. Have also tried saving the file as something else, but the permissions are transferring with the save, and I can’t see a way out. Any help is much appreciated.
To be clear: I do not want to make this a team project - I simply want to transfer publishing rights to myself.

Hi MattWest,

If you’re able to log in to Axure Cloud from your manager’s account, you can invite your account to join the workspace that the project was published to. Once you accept the workspace invitation, that will resolve the permissions error you’re coming across in Axure RP when publishing from your account.

If the project is in your manager’s private workspace, you’ll need to move the project to a shared workspace first.

Hopefully that helps!

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