Export text written by a user?


I thought about to create a short form and hand it to some people to ask them some questions. Is there a workaround or something to export the stuff that was filled into the text fields or the status of buttons/checkboxes etc. ?

PS: I know there is google forms or other tools…they just doesn’t fit for my use case


There’s a few different ways with varying degrees of complexity. You’ve mentioned Google forms or other tools won’t work, so we’ll leave that off.

Another way would be to use a mailto: link with Axure variables filling in various parameters. When the user hits this it would open their system default mail client with a new email, pre-filled with the parameters in the link. If you used variable to construct that link, you could have the body of the email already contain the information. The downside is the user will see this and will have to manually hit “send” to send the information to you. This is probably the easiest and safest way apart from something like Google forms. See this thread for more on that:

Another way, similar to above, is to use a hidden iframe to make an arbitrary request to a server you control. For example, set the location of the iframe to https://myserver.com/myprototypedata/?key1=[[variable1]]&key2=[[variable2]] etc.

Then you could simply just look at your server logs to see the data or if you’re up to it set up an application to handle those requests to that path and process the query parameters in whatever format you like, perhaps saving as a CSV to disk. This is obviously more advanced and should be done safely.

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Thank you very much for your help.

I doesn’t matter to me if the user can see the data - that’s fine. Actually they should use the form as a builder for themselves. I just need a way to “extract” the information.

I would like to try your second approach. So I have a textfield that hands the text over to a variable and the frame with the target - that’s all ? I don’t need a trigger for the frame or something?

I only have a ftp, but I’m not sure where I can find these logs. I will look into it…if that’s right?

Not quite. I mentioned that option because someone might be able to make use of it but I really wouldn’t do that except for a last resort. This would work if you’re running a webserver of some kind, like Apache or Nginx for example. You would set the target of the iframe to a URL with the data as query paramters, then you would check your web logs for the requests. (or even better have something that handles them properly)

If you’re not familiar with this then I would suggest the email method instead.

Yeah, I will try that as well and I will talk to a dev, maybe he can help me on that last part…it got me excited :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

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