Export widgets (components) to Adobe XD/Sketch format?


I’m working on a project where graphic design is done in Sketch (for those with a Mac), while I design and prototype primarily in Axure, sometimes in Adobe XD (on a PC). For better team collaboration, it would be great if I could export components into XD and/or Sketch-readable format to have things I create finalized/polished by graphic designers. It shouldn’t be all that difficult as all three work with objects (although statefulness is not supported by Sketch), but interactions would probably be lost in translation (though Adobe XD has some support for click-through interactions). Moving along this path, export to (and import from) services like Zeplin would also make it easier to use Axure in a mixed team.

Not everyone (in fact, I don’t know of anyone) will convert to Axure Cloud just because a team has one or more people working in Axure, and to make everyone part of the team, I believe Axure would benefit from better integration with other tools/platforms (this goes across the board, but export-wise Axure is the least open-ended of the tools I know).

Any chance something like this might come to life?