Exporting Axure projects in Vector format



I’d like to retain vector shapes from Axure in order to reduce file size when putting together several mockups for sharing.

As far as I know you can only export Axure projects to raster PNG format.

Is there any way to export to a vector format?

I was used to exporting Sketch projects to PDF all the time and it was really handy.

Thank you!

Bad Quality of Image Export

For sharing you can try generating HTML Files

Publish -> Generate HTML Files…
(Create a separate folder and select)

Zip the created HTML folder and share.


On Mac, you can create a PDF with Print from the File menu. Text is renderes as text, pretty sure Shapes are rendered as vector, not so sure what happen with embedded SVG. On a PC you need additional PDF creator installed as print generator.


@dagtj, wow, you’re right! It didn’t even occur to me. I’m going to test it and see how it works out. Thank you!


With windows, also we can create a PDF with Print -> Microsoft Print to PDF.

All visual are rendered clear at 1000% zoom level in PDF, but interactions are not clickable.

@dagtj Are the exported PDF in mac interactive or just static?


No @bjthakkar, on Mac you get the same as on paper: The pages how they look at OnLoad, without any interactions applied. And no way to interact, including no links.