Exporting Axure projects in Vector format


I’d like to retain vector shapes from Axure in order to reduce file size when putting together several mockups for sharing.

As far as I know you can only export Axure projects to raster PNG format.

Is there any way to export to a vector format?

I was used to exporting Sketch projects to PDF all the time and it was really handy.

Thank you!

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For sharing you can try generating HTML Files

Publish -> Generate HTML Files…
(Create a separate folder and select)

Zip the created HTML folder and share.

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On Mac, you can create a PDF with Print from the File menu. Text is renderes as text, pretty sure Shapes are rendered as vector, not so sure what happen with embedded SVG. On a PC you need additional PDF creator installed as print generator.

@dagtj, wow, you’re right! It didn’t even occur to me. I’m going to test it and see how it works out. Thank you!

With windows, also we can create a PDF with Print → Microsoft Print to PDF.

All visual are rendered clear at 1000% zoom level in PDF, but interactions are not clickable.

@dagtj Are the exported PDF in mac interactive or just static?

No @bjthakkar, on Mac you get the same as on paper: The pages how they look at OnLoad, without any interactions applied. And no way to interact, including no links.