Extra horizontal scrolling at the bottom

My prototype have adaptive views on 1400, 1366 and 1280.

My layout adapts the way I want them, and I have no elements outside of each views

My only issue is then I publish or preview, there’s some small horizontal scrolling at the bottom of the browser around 20px. This slightly hides some of my icons on the top right.

I read here on the forums about similar issues about putting my layout on a dynamic panel, but I got a lot nested on my layouts on all my views that I don’t want to mess up.

Is there a way to fix this?

Hi anyone who can help out?

Hi arjay,

I had a similar suspicion that there might be a widget that’s extending beyond the target width of the device. Would you be able to attach your project file? We’ll be able to test it on our end and check the generator settings in the “Mobile/Device” tab.

Let me know if you notice the problem only on certain breakpoints or mobile devices as well, or if the problem only surfaces depending on whether the sidebar is minimized versus fully closed. LMK the Axure Share URL that you’re testing as well. TY!

Is there an easy way to find out if something is extending outside of the breakpoint border? Like some kind of a picker or something?

Cause just by looking at my layout, I don’t see widgets or anything that is extending outside the right border for each breakpoint.

The extra horizontal scrolling all have have similar widths (around 20 px extra for each breakpoint.)

I can’t attach the file as there’s so many confidential widgets and data on it.

Hi arjay,

There isn’t a special picker, but using the “Intersected” selection mode (instead of “Contained”) can make it easier to find too-wide widgets as you try selecting elements on the canvas:

If you’re able to share the file privately with us via email (support@axure.com), we can also help you take a look through that channel. Thx!

This sounds a little like something I run into every now-and-again.

I’ve had to adjust the size of widgets in order to compensate for scrollbars when they appear. Everything looks great and is resizing properly until you hit a point where a vertical scrollbar appears. This will cause the dynamic panel to shrink smaller than the width of the widgets inside of it which then causes the horizontal scroll bar to appear. BTW, the width of a scrollbar, at least in the Chrome browser, is approximately 17px; pretty close to your 20.

Don’t know if this applicable to your situation or not.

Hi Huban,
Thanks. Yes I think the scrollbar is what’s causing it.

The extra 20px horizontal scrollbar is the rest of the page when the page is long that there’s a vertical scrollbar.

But I don’t think the widgets are shrinking but rather going under the vertical scrollbar.

I should probably move some icons on the right further away from the scrollbar.

I wish Axure can do responsive views soon cause i think these are related issues. A slight reduction of the browser and the layout is off.