Extra space is being added?

Extra space is being added at the bottom of text widgets. There isn’t any padding set or anything else I can see that would cause this. Any ideas?

In the editor it’s fine:

But in the preview, there is extra space:

Hello @artonic,

Thank you for writing in to the Axure Forums!

In order to better troubleshoot this issue, could we ask for you to email support@axure.com?

If you are able to include a link to this Forum Post and a copy of the project in question, that would greatly help streamline the troubleshooting process.

Thank you!

Email sent! Thanks!!

Appreciate you writing in about this and including those files for us to take a look.

We were able to reproduce this behavior and have filed it as a bug for our teams to continue investigating. It seems like depending on the font and font size selected, the text size doesn’t line up perfectly with the size of the widget when previewed or published. This is more evident when there is a large number of line breaks.

If you are getting space between your text and border, you can mitigate this by changing the text alignment to middle. If the border is cutting off some text, then you can try to add padding to the bottom. Otherwise, the best way to get those borders to line up perfectly is not to use the “Fit to Text Height” setting and manually adjust those borders.

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