Extract values from different rows of a repeater to go into different textboxes

Hi all, I am using a repeater with names and numbers in 2 columns. Then I sort the repeater using the numbers. (up to here, no problem) but then I would like to take the newly sorted repeater column 1 of names and split it into different text boxes.

An example file is here:
As the page is loaded, the repeater is filling itself with 8 names with random numbers for each name. Then by clicking on the “Sort” button, the repeater is then sorted. What i would like to do is when i’m clicking on the “Set names” button, the first name goes into the box 1, the 2nd name goes into the box 2, etc.

Repeater to textboxes.rp (52.0 KB)

Thanks for your help !

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Repeater to textboxes.rp (55.6 KB)