Extracting User-Selected Text

When a user double-clicks within a text widget, a possibly then shift-clicks, to select a block of text, is there any way to find out what text has been selected?

A response would be appreciated…

There’s no way natively in Axure to do it. You can write your own JS to do it though.

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I am struggling with the same problem. The JS solution seems ideal, but I have no knowledge of JS, nor how to incorporate it into Axure. I have been trying for a few days with different solutions from this forum and from others, but I am still at the same point: being stuck.
Could anyone suggest what the syntax for calling such a JS function specifically in Axure might be?
Since the prototype I work on is of a QDA software for analyzing and codding (tagging) texts - identifying the user selection is quite essential.
In essence:
a. I want to identify the selected range,
b. … so that I could attribute a “tag” to it:

  • mark the selection on the body of the original text,
  • display a collection of selected (“tagged”)

I have so far come up with tricks (attached file) to mark the position of selection based on cursor position on mouse down and up. And to drag a text selection into a “code/tag” field to save it in a repeater. This solution has limitations and I can’t access back the original text.

UserTextSelection&Tagging.rp (105.5 KB)

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