FB Messenger chatbot prototype template?



Could anyone share a prototyping template for FB Messenger chatbots? Something that can help me prototype the questions and screens for a conversational UI on mobile. does Axure have anything like that? thanks.

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How to implement an Instant Messenger / Live Messenger

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Please help me clearly understand your query.
Do you mean you want a dummy messenger app wherein :
1. A user is showcased chatting with the bot - And this is just animated and you’re not inputting any text?
2. The AI simulates replies with random words on each of your message?
3. Integrating FB messenger API with Axure? ( This is not possible with Axure’s native widgets and requires integration of JSON and JS)

If it is none of the above, could you please explain more elaborately of your requirements?

(Also, please note that Axure is a prototyping software and the outputs are used as proof of concepts. Once we start calling the API and integrating SQL databases (just as an example) we start to leave the boundaries of prototyping and enter in to web app developement.)


Just take a screenshot and overlay the stuff you want on it. Bingo job done.


Hi! So, as I am a beginner in Axure, I could really use some help understanding what you mean :slight_smile: I am preparing a chat bot prototype, but it has to be done correctly (I mean not just pngs from sketch put inside axure, but dynamic panels and anything cool that can be done there). Can you advise or maybe share a template file so I can see the mechanism? It would be super helpful!


Was trying something like that for a project

You would need dynamic for this. though I did not finish this project but something this will help you


My chat is like a bot. It sends you a message and gives you the buttons to choose. Eg.
bot: Hey, do you want to check the latest updates?
buttons: yes; no

Now, depending on which button you chose, it shows you a different content.
I was thinking about doing this on the repeater, but what about buttons? :frowning:


Maybe this helps as a starter:


I used Microsoft’s QnA bot service and integrated with Axure via javascript injection method.