Feature Request: Better input field value contrast on Checked In pages

As I leaned forward close to my screen for the 12th time today, trying to determine the dimensions of a shape on a checked in page, it occurred to me that the contrast for text in disabled input fields in the Axure Interface could be increased.

I have no problem reading the enabled field style values in the Style panel from a normal sitting position even with my bad eyesight. I know it runs a little counter to the usual rules for disabled fields but I think Checked In content could be considered a special case. I still want to refer to things on existing pages, it’s slow and annoying to have to check it out to read it clearly. Even if the font color isn’t “disabled gray”, I believe there to be enough other context clues that it wouldn’t necessarily be confusing for users.

The workaround I’ve adopted is Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C on the checked in page, make a new page, Ctrl-V then delete the page when I’m done check dimensions and positions of things. It’s faster, but then it’s annoying in a different way.

Hey Brent,

Thanks for this feature request! Our product team was able to meet today and discuss these suggestions.

This is a great idea and we’ve started to look at a few different color contrast options to consider.

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