[Feature Request] Figma plugin: Export as Axure Cloud library

Our design team has been using using both Axure and Figma and each do about 80% of what we need to do design-wise. Figma is used more by our creative/UI team to create high-fidelity design systems and assets, and utilise it’s very strong component inheritance (Axure isn’t quite there yet, sadly), and Axure to create prototypes for behaviours and interactivity. We’ve tried to use 100% Axure for our UX/UI design, but it isn’t quite there yet, so we’re either doubling up in work, and configuration management is an issue when using both platforms.

I know there is a Figma plugin and we use it often. There’s an “Export frames to Axure Cloud” feature which is cool, and sooo close to what I’m after.

However, if we had the ability to export frames/components to an Axure Cloud library which then enables us to load it and use them as widgets to drop into our prototypes, that would be a game changer for our workflow.

Not sure if other people have had a similar yearning for this feature?


wouldn’t it be even better if you can

  • import the status quo library from Figma or Sketch to a central space both off and/or online, then
  • import the the status quo artboard frames and sort them with a size checking wizard to adaptive views
  • run a check if both are (still) congruent / flag when library and artboard frames are not congruent -> and flag exactly where (like “search and replace” in MS Word)

Thus you can update library changes, double check where there is work to be done because either the library has not been used correctly or the library has to be iterated because of changes/iterations in the design system or already added library components in the artboard/frames have not been completed in the design system yet (Axure as a matching service).

Plus the artboards are ready to get connected and polished with logic for testing UX in adaptive views:
the good thing about changing perspective from artboards to adaptive views is that this shows you quickly while prototyping -> where the "white spots"in the user flows still are.