Feature Request - Lock Styles

Hi Axure team,

I’d really like to be able to lock the current set of styles (or perhaps even constrain styles to those in a library).

I go through all the default Axure widgets, set the styles to my preferred and our nomenclature, then I import or copy-paste something in from someplace and it adds new styles - maybe a ton of new styles, depending upon the complexity of what comes in.

Sometimes what comes in has equivalent styles, but not in our standard names. Sometimes what comes in has Axure default styles, and I want it to take on my own Axure defaults. This is all bad for our projects.

If I could lock new styles and prevent new from being added, this would be a great first step.

A second step might be to allow me to choose between three options: 1. some kind of algorithmic forced remap, 2. a manual remap with a tool, or 3. strip styles that aren’t currently in the doc.

The next step would be to allow me to set styles in an rplib and constrain my work to those, and to maybe distribute the rplib to others, and allow them to automatically pick up and constrain to my styles.

Styles are a lot of work to set up - it’s a shame to have them clobbered as the penalty for collaborating with others.