Feature Request: Selecting multiple layers from different groups

Hi everyone,

I got a feature request, that in my opinion could really speed up everyday work. Coming from Sketch I’m able to select multiple layers from different groups. This makes it pretty easy to set a common width or position for every element selected.

I wasn’t able to do this in Axure. Only if the elements are within the same group! I had to clean up the positioning of values within a table UI, where every row was its own group. That was no fun. :wink: I had to go into every group, select every single text value, copy in the x position, rinse and repeat. Selecting them all and setting the position at once would have been a huge time benefit.

Would love to hear what you think of this or maybe it’s already possible in Axure and I didn’t find the right shortcut combination.

Have a great one, Marcel

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This kind of UI is typically built in Axure using Repeaters, which makes light work of what you’re describing.

Good point. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Another example might be selecting multiple distorted icons, when copying a design from Sketch into Axure. Getting them all at the same time and then setting a new width for them, would make life even more easy. :wink: