[FEATURE REQUESTS] Will libraries ever sync updated widgets in prototypes?

We have a couple issues with Axure libraries. Posting here in case there’s a way to fix it or to find out if there are plans to enhance them in the future.

  1. I created a couple custom libraries for our team. If a designer takes an item from the library, uses it in their prototype, if I update that item, they never receive the update option in their prototype so now that item will always be outdated unless they manually pull in a new, updated item and replace it. Other design programs link them so that if I update the library, the prototype can get updated easily with no manual work.
  2. When we put text inside a shape, it is appearing differently between preview and publish mode. This is very frustrating for library management to test things this way.
  3. If a library item references a master, and you update the master, if a designer who used the old version of the item pulls in the new update, the item doesn’t look updated because it still references the old master instead of overwriting it.

Would also love to know if Axure has considered supporting design tokens.

Thanks for any and all help.


I like the request. Maybe something like Widget Library which is not synced and Component library which is synced will be helpfull.

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I would love to have design tokens supported.

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Would love to see this too! I tried to create components (aka “Masters”) in a custom-made component library to see if that would allow me to make updates that would proliferate to any projects using that widget. So far, no dice.
(But if you people at Axure decide to make components ‘update-able’, that’s where’d I’d do it. Makes the most sense. Just sayin’…)

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sandrew is reading my diary!
There is so very much agreement here…
So I made a styled widget in a shared library (30pxH Button, Roboto Regular 13px, # 1A86BA).
Once placed, the widget’s styles applied wherever that widget was referenced. Then in our shared library, I updated that widget’s style and all instances referencing that widget should have updated but didn’t (Change to 40pxH Button, Roboto Bold, 13px, #37799F). I’d expected this to happen but it didn’t. The library is not a master and does not have a master style.

This led my boss to (rightfully) want a globally editable component library by any means necessary. I do not want to re-do everything in Figma, which seems like the flavor these days.

I’m hoping it’s possible to add this feature, perhaps in a panel showing if the style changes are global and a way to toggle on/off. Is there anything like what I’m suggesting in the works?