Feedback from my UX Design Team

Today was a come to Jesus day about Axure vs Sketch. We have 20+ UX Designers and currently we’re a Axure shop. But I’m afraid we’re loosing that battle. Here’s some of the feedback I heard about Axure:

  • It requires too many clicks when editing.
  • I can’t see all my pages in one go.
  • I want to move around pages like I do in Sketch.
  • Features are hidden deep in obscure parts of the app.
  • It feels like it’s an old console app of the 80s.
  • It’s powerful but we don’t need all that power.
  • It feels like I’m using a hammer when all I need is a drill.
  • My job is communication not prototyping.
  • It’s feature heavy like photoshop, MS Word, Excel etc. I only need 20% of what it does and getting to that 20% is to frustrating.

I’m not sure how to win this one. I’ve convinced our Sr. UX Director to hold off on a decision until we see the next release of Axure. But we can’t wait forever and honestly we probably have until the end of the year. :frowning:

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Try Figma.
I’m using it with the Axure, so it’s a kind of combo.
And as far as I go deeper I launching Axure more rarely (
Wake up Axure team…


To add to this, my team is at the same crossroads. The Seattle team has been on Axure for years. The Boston team is mainly Sketch + Invision. The ecosystem surrounding Sketch (Zeplin, Invision, Framer, etc.) makes it attractive as the tool to develop the visuals in.

It seems like the Libraries panel would be a great way to incorporate Sketch. If Sketch file were treated as a library, with all named groups (or whatever criterion) showing up as widgets, that would do it for me. Of course the link between any placed widget and this library needs to maintained. I.e., on (Sketch) library refresh, any previously placed widget would update to the latest version.

I agree the integration with Sketch is critical. If the next release of Axure doesn’t address this head on then this is a dead discussion. Copying and pasting the way we do right now is not going to cut it. Axure will need to bring in Sketch files and have those files reflect any changes made in Sketch.

Thanks KavaKiwi,

We are getting to know Sketch and its API better so we can know what is possible. Also, we do use Sketch alongside Axure RP internally so we have some first hand experience on the different workflows.

I’ll see if we can do anything to help you make your case in the meantime.

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Thanks Victor. Something that would help a lot is if you or your team could create a blog post outlining a roadmap for the near future for where you’re planning on taking Axure. Especially for the next release. This would give me some ammunition I could use.

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+1 for better support of Sketch. Currently there’s no reason for me to design wireframes in Axure as I very often need to do visual design as well. Doing wireframes in Sketch and then switching to pixel-perfect designs is super easy in Sketch and it is huge time saver.

Axure still rocks for complex prototypes and I’d love to use it in the future if there would be better Sketch support. I can imagine doing my UI in Sketch and then importing it to Axure for prototype. Killer feature for me would be if I’d be able to edit visuals in Sketch and have them updated in the Axure prototype.

+100 ROAD MAP of some kind.

The Axure team has been saying “We’re looking into this” for quite some time.

Also, what is this nonsense about “understanding the sketch API?” Well, here it is…

Kind of surprised to see that 2 years later, we’re still having this conversation and yet the fine folks are Bohemian Code have gone to great lengths to improve their file format and extensibility.