Figma to Axure Structure

Is anyone working in an environment where they need to import from Figma?

I am, at the moment, and using the plugin to export to Axure. But I’m finding it a nightmare. Nested groups, dynamic panels within groups within dynamic panels. It’s truly horrible in some cases where you get one element 9 levels down with nothing at any other level.

My prototype is quite complex and it weighs in at 263mb at the moment. This is about 4 x the size of most of my prototypes and I’m convinced it’s down to the structure caused by Figma. My only option is to import it and then unpick it all which adds a huge amount of time.

Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

Yes, I’ve having issues with the Figma to Axure plugin, too…but, I can’t even get the file(s) to export to either the Axure cloud app or the desktop app.