File open error in Axure 8


Hello! When i clicked “Save file”, error appeared. Now i can’t open file. I restarted pc, restarted axure, i cleaned “C:\Users\ea.agapkina\AppData\Local\Axure” directory, checked disk space (200 Gb). Nothing helped.



I’m sorry to hear about the error that is happening in your file! As a first step if you haven’t already done so, pleases check in “File > Recover File from Backups” to see if you can find a recent autosaved copy of the file to recover. By default Axure RP will autosave and store backups of your files for 30 days, however the backups directory does live within the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Axure path that was cleared out so these may not be present. If it’s the case that there are no backups to restore, then you can try downloading the last published copy of your file from Axure Cloud if you have previously published it.

To help us troubleshoot the issue, please send over the following to

  1. A copy of the affected file so that we can see if it is fixable
  2. Your Axure RP error logs. The error logs live within the Axure directory that was cleared out, so as a first step please try opening the file again to trigger the error so that a new log gets generated. Next, please open the File Explorer and paste this file path to reach the logs folder for Axure RP 8 and attach those newly generated error_log files: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Axure\Axure-8-0\logs
  3. Please confirm whether only this file is affected or if others are affected. If more than one is affected, then please share more details about whether these files are all saved in the same place, where that save location is (e.g. local drive, network drive), and whether any system-wide events happened right before you noticed the errors. This helps us to identify what happened to trigger the errors.