Filtering repeater with multiple values in data cell



I’m trying to filter products in a repeater that has multiple values per data cell. In my example one product has e.g. three different specs: “Dry”, “Anti-slip” and “Anti-scratch” which should be treated like strings. To filter the repeater I’m using a droplist.

Filtering multiple values.rp (56.3 KB)

My three example products:
Product A – Slip
Product B – Anti-slip
Product C – Dry; Anti-slip; Anti-scratch

Expected behaviour:

  • If “Slip” is selected in the droplist the repeater should display product A matching only “Slip” and not product B with “Anti-slip”.
  • If “Anti-slip” is selected it should match product B with “Anti-slip” and product C with “Dry; Anti-slip; Anti-scratch”.

I have tried filtering using equals and contains, I have tried custom expressions and all variations of quotation marks, but I can’t get it to work.

Help is greatly appreciated.