First keystroke dropped renaming column header in repeater

I’ve checked v8 and it doesn’t do this. Little bug for you to fix guys…

This affects all cells

Hi stunews!

I wasn’t able to reproduce this from a simple test. Could you share the .rp file where this is occurring for you? If you’re able to record a short video of the issue, that’d be helpful as well. Thanks!

Hi Jane, so if you select a cell (single click) in the repeater data and type ‘item’ for example, only the last three characters will appear in the field. This may because you are moving to a model in v9 of double clicking to add/amend text in widgets and you are aligning the repeater editing behaviour with this.
I just wanted to raise this with you to ensure it was a conscious choice you guys have made…

Hi stunews,

Ah! Got it - thanks for clarifying. I was able to reproduce the same issue when trying to type into an individual repeater cell on Mac only, and it looks like our QA team already has this filed as a bug.

Let us know if you see anything else!