[Fixed] Libraries and Widgets


It occurs to me that the library and widget searches are in the wrong order. The buttons beside the widget search have to do with creating/adding to libraries (not widgets) and the selection of a widget is subordinate to the selection of a library in the IA.

The library drop is much larger than the search and I’m not sure what your testing suggests, but I search widgets MUCH more frequently than I change which libraries I have active.

My hastily done suggestion, for the sake of clarity:

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I agree with getting these mixed up. I frequently place my cursor into the library drop down without even thinking about it. I’m curious to know how many people are actively switching between libraries. I don’t switch around much myself.

Hi pixeler!

As a data-point, I switch libraries a lot.

I do a great deal of my work with the Default library, and since I keep my library pane 5-widgets wide (I have a wide screen), I can see all of the common & form widgets at once. So I have no need for search in that case.

If I do search, I switch to the library that I want to search first. I know there’s the All Libraries view that allows you to search all libraries at once, but I dislike that view because it starts with the Flow widgets, which are of no use to me.

Ok I remember us talking about this in another thread and that more flexibility with managing libraries would be useful (reordering libraries and widgets within libraries).

For sure. You have to… Libraries are just folders/containers. It makes sense (to me) to have them listed first because they’re the first decision to make.

I wonder why that is. I stay on ‘All Libraries’ and have forever - Default >> Common is always at the top. Flow ends up somewhere near the bottom. I can’t fathom why Flow would be at the top for an ‘All Libraries’ selection even if they were being listed in alphabetical order (no default priority assigned to the Default library).

Flow is also at the top for me.

Wow, fellas, you have my sympathy. Are you on Mac?

I looked as much as I could last night and couldn’t find a setting, preference or anything that would change the order libraries show up. I just always assumed that Default would be at the top because… Default.

Hi JimJam -

I’m on a Mac, but I’m also on Axure 9 Beta. In Axure 8, Default was at the top of all Libraries. Are you running 9 on a PC?

Hey Joseph - I am running RP 9 on a Windows 10 PC. Libraries have functioned with Default at the top on ‘All Libraries’ since my first install and, like you, always did in RP 8 as well.

Hi JimJam -

That’s an oddity for sure. They usually keep those aligned. Anyhow, it doesn’t affect me! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

I was able to reproduce the behavior where the “Flow” library appears at the top of the libraries list when the “All Libraries” view is used. This behavior is unexpected, so I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug report regarding this!

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I agree with op that the search feels switched around with the library
I make the mistake almost every time I use the search. Also, it makes more sense for the search to be below the selected library anyway, because you select a library first, then search in the library.

Also, there are options near the search that are related to libraries, so it’s confusing.
Informations of the same type, should be grouped together.

Would be nice to rearrange this, for ergonomic reasons.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Since we’re no longer handling feature requests or product discussions on the forum, we’re going to close this thread. Please feel free to email us with any further feedback at support@axure.com.

Hi all! To update, the issue with the ordering of libraries in the “All Libraries” view has been resolved in the latest beta build, 3636. You can download it below:

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