[Fixed] Selection group issue

Is it possible to have multiple selection groups on one page. No matter what I do, I change the settings for one, the second inherits that selection group. I’ve deleted all groups started over to no avail. You’d think something like this would be easier in axure. Overall the menus in axure 9 are not very good, were better in 8.


There’s a bug in the latest build with radio groups and selection groups. I’ve reported this bug to the Axure folks already.

When you select a widget, it doesn’t necessarily display its radio/selection group: instead, it displays the value of the most recent radio or selection group that you assigned, even if you assigned it to a completely different widget entirety.

So if you have four widgits on a page that have no selection group assigned, and you assign widget 1 to the selection group ‘foo’, the other three widgets will display ‘foo’ as their selection group, even though their selection group is actually unassigned.

There are two workarounds to this:

  • Don’t believe what Axure is telling you about a given widget’s selection group and just assign them blindly
  • Upgrade to the latest beta channel build.
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Hi! As josephxbrick pointed out this is a known bug in build 3658 and earlier of Axure RP 9, but is fixed in release candidate build 3661 if you’d like to update to get the fix. Hopefully the update does the trick for you! :slight_smile:

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