Font Awesome doesn't show up in Browser under OS X Mojave

Font Awesome Icons don’t show up properly in Safari under OS X Mojave. I’ve installed FontAwesome 4.7 and 5.5 locally. Within Axure the icons are ok. But Safari as well as Chrome don’t show the icons. Instead they show a rectangle, nothing or the ligatures text. No matter, whether in preview or HTML-export. This was no issue under OS X High Sierra. Any idea?

I just realise, that the export I did under Axure 8 for OS X doesn’t work properly under Windows 10 either. Maybe, it’s not an OS X Mojave problem.

Hi lohmy,

As mentioned here, if you’re using ligatures to render the Font Awesome 5 icons, these won’t render in the browser output. You can only copy & paste the icons from the FA cheatsheet or use our widget library to drag & drop the icons into the editor.

If you’re unable to render the Font Awesome 4.7 icons either, could you make sure that its CSS link is included in the Web Fonts tab of the Generate HTML settings? If you could also share the .rp file where this isn’t working for you, I’ll be happy to take a closer look. Thanks!

Thank you, Jane. Now I understand. Axure just doesn’t support ligatures. Would be a great feature, though. I think we can close this thread now.