Font styles suddenly change to normal in previews

I created a side nav with FontAwesomePro Solid icons and Segoe UI Bold Labels. Then I continued working on other elements for several days. Suddenly the style of both fonts changed to Normal in my web preview (and when I generate a Share), even though I hadn’t touched that part of the prototype.

They still appear as they should in the Axure UI. When I select the elements, change the style to Normal and then back to Solid or Bold, it doesn’t help in the Preview or Share in the browser (Chrome).

Anyone else encountered this? Any workarounds? Thanks all!!

I guess it’s the similar issue as this post (font mapping) That’s what I would have thought, but it’s not only FontAwesome. it’s also Segoe UI, which is a Windows system font.

The web rendering is ignoring font-style for some reason. In Chrome DevTools, text I specified as Segoe UI - Bold will be described in its “Styles” tab as:

font-family: “Segoe UI Bold”, “Segoe UI Regular”, “Segoe UI”;
font-weight: 700;
font-style: normal;