Font vertical alignment workspace display vs preview/published display inconsistent after latest update-

After the latest update ( , it looks like the font alignment is off on the workspace display. Meaning that what I see for font vertical alignment when in my workspace looks off. However those same fonts used when previewing/publishing look fine.

The vertical alignment issue seems like it is adding too much padding top to every custom font. Looks like the regular fonts work fine. I checked vertical alignment, making it center. I removed all padding. As far as can see, it might have to do with the auto-assigned line-height, it looks off after the update.

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I find the same issue with FontAwesome type font. All the type font icons are having extra space on top and I have to manually adjust the line height.

YES! Fontawesome also has the same issue. But that even happened before the update.

Try it out with the latest update (, I just downloaded it.

I don’t see that version available when I check Axure for update.

It’s in the Beta channel. Plus there’s a more recent one (3675) which claims to ‘Fixed text alignment mismatch…’ I haven’t tried it.