Font weight is being changed on text edit - known bug?

Hi there,

I have a weird problem with text in general. We use the Google “Exo”-Font for a team project, have set up widget styles for everything and built a library. We use both the Windows and the Mac version.

Now whenever I change the text on a widget (Button, Heading, Body - doesn’t matter what) the font-weight is changed automatically WITHIN Axure. The associated style gets an asterisk, as if I have changed it manually. When I reapply the style, everytime looks good. But I really don’t want to reapply the widget style everytime I change text on a widget.

Note: when overwriting text from master, this does not happen. Everything is fine then.
Is this a known bug within Axure? or is it a known “Exo” bug?

I added some screenshots, in the example the heading-weight is changed from regular to thin. Also you can see that everthing looks great when the master text is overwritten.

I tried removing and installing the font again already. I would really appreciate some feedback / help on this.

Thank you!

Widget from Library dragged on screen

Widget after text-change

Widget after reapplying the style

Master dragged on screen

Master after override

Hi Axurites!

For anyone following along at home kscherlebeck reached out to our support team via email and it looks like the variable font that was packaged in the Google Font download for Exo was contributing to the problem. Uninstalling the font and reinstalling just the static font files seems to have corrected the issue. We’ve filed a ticket on variable fonts with out QA team for further investigation.

If anyone else runs into a similar issue and the font file that you’ve installed has both static and variable versions, please try uninstalling the variable version to see if this resolves the issue. If it doesn’t please feel free to email our support team directly at so that we can assist!

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