Fontawesome 6 icons shown as Arial


On my Mac M1 I did this:

  1. Downloaded the fontawesome 6 widget library (
  2. Saved it locally and loaded it into Axure.
  3. It appears in the list of libraries and I see the FA icons there.
  4. But, when I drag an icon onto the canvas it is shown in the canvas as Arial font. This means I can’t change font size and font color appropriately.

Any tips on what to do?

Hi everybody,

any feedback on this? Any ideas of what I should try?

Hi @Ludvig

You reached out to us at Axure Support with this query, for the benefit of anyone else in our community reading this

The behavior is expected.

Widget Libraries and Typography settings are mutually exclusive. The font and size settings for the latter are only applicable if you are applying text to any of your widgets.

For widgets in your imported library, you can use Widget Styles. These are reusable, centrally managed sets of style properties. You can apply a single widget style to multiple widgets in order to unify their styling. If you change one of the property selections in the widget style, the change will be applied to all widgets using that style.

To apply a widget style to one or more widgets, select the widget(s) and then select the widget style in the widget style dropdown in the Style pane or the style toolbar.

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